Approveit Biggest Update so far: New Workflow Builder and Dashboard

updated on 24 February 2023
Dashboard Pic-tn4hs

Introducing the new Approval Workflow Builder, Dashboard, and many new features!

Hey there! 👋

This is Ashley from Approveit. For the past months, we've been working on some big updates, and today we're happy to announce the New Approval Workflow Builder and Dashboard 🎉

1. Track all Approval Requests and watch your team's statistics with the new Approveit Dashboard

Approveit Dashboard-lvnuv

2. Create workflow categories for easy filtering

Group 2-htq2m

3. Create custom forms with Text Inputs, Dropdown Lists, Watchers, and File Attachments


4. Set up sequential workflows, name approval steps, assign the Approvers, customize action buttons to create tasks


5. Set up integrations for the post-approval actions.

Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 20.16-7q6e6

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