Simple solution for automating HR operations

Big or small team, on site or remote – Approveit is the solution for your HR operations management

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From Startup to Enterprise with one platform

Approveit is a perfectly scalable solution to manage and automate your HR operations. Some of our customers increased their headcount x4 with us without changing anything in their workflows.

Time off approval & tracking

Let your teammates request approval right from Slack or Microsoft Teams. Check their remaining days off and request patterns before approving

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Candidate approval

Create a new hire request for your HR team and let them handle it; approve prospects before inviting them for the interview

New hire onboarding

Make sure everything is prepared for your new teammate to get started. With Approveit, you won’t forget anything essential for smooth and swift integration of a newcomer into the working process

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Budgeting & invoicing for events and team activities

Approve event plans and team activity schedule; allocate appropriate budgets and track expenses for all your HR-related projects

Organizational structure & hirarchy

Assign roles and managers to every team member. Build approval chains based not on the person themselves, but on their role

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Why Choose Approveit


Approveit provides convenience for both on-site and remote teams, allowing you to create and approve requests on the go. Wherever you are, you’ll be notified and reminded about any request awaiting your action


Transparent and structured decision making chain for your development and support workflows makes it easier for your team to plan their tasks ahead and handle non-standard situations and, as a result, avoid crunch


Approveit is a simple solution that integrates with your system of choice. Adopting Approveit only takes about 2 weeks for your whole team. You can apply automation to your HR processes and manage them right in Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webex and Email

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