Approveit integrates with QuickBooks Online

Seamless invoice and purchase order management flow without leaving your corporate messenger

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Automatically sync approved POs, bills and invoices with QuickBooks Online

Remove all bottlenecks from your procurement workflows

Create and approve purchase orders, bills and invoices, record approved transactions to QuickBooks automatically and review your team’s expense history

Create Purchase Orders without accessing QuickBooks

Submit the purchase order data for approval and automatically sync it with your QuickBooks account

Sequential approval process

No transaction will be completed without going through all your approval steps in sequence you’ve set up

Reports for easy audit

Make your EOTY and compliance audits a breeze with downloading a complete approval history. Track back all descisions and payments with ease

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Why brign Approveit into your QuickBooks workflows?

Data security

Everyone who created invoices or purchase orders don’t need direct access to QuickBooks anymore! Sensitive information will stay secured


Downloadable reports will show you all the details you want to know about every transaction. Audits become easy and stressless


Your accountants no longer need to manually copy-paste data from an email to QuickBooks. Everything happens automatically, leaving no space for human errirs

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