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Our Team

Our founders have gathered together a great team of young professionals, fully distributed, with HQ in San Francisco, California
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    Serge Gusev
    Co-founder, CEO
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    Dmitry Matveev
    Co-founder, CTO
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    Olya Vincheuskaya
    UI/UX Designer
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    Lisa Tatarinova
    Product Manager
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    Kate Veremeichik
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    Anthony Zharsky
    UI/UX Designer
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    Dmitry Bychak
    QA Engineer
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    Uladzimir Troshchy
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    Anthony Stankovsky
    Lead Software Engineer

It all started with...

...Serge and Dmitry working on a project together. They noticed, that the approval process is often a weak point of a smoothly running business. Yet, most of the automation solutions on the market are complex and expensive.
It all started with...

Need a solution?

It turned out, the solution was needed! Especially for tightly regulated departments, like Finance and IT. Dozens of use cases were found where a simple automation tool could make a difference.

They started experimenting

Based on users' requests, Approveit has been constantly expanding and changing. It started as a simple Slack bot, and has evolved into a full-scale workflow management platform. Simple to use. Powerful. Efficient.
They started experimenting

We have a mission!

Approveit is designed to help businesses thrive. It aims to be the one source of truth for your company, help you control, simplify, and improve your business processes. We believe that workflow automation should be accessible for businesses of all shapes and sizes.
We have a mission!

According to our customers...

  • 70% shorter approval cycle
    It shortens the approval cycles by 70%
  • up to $2M saved
    Which translates into an extra $300K-$2M annually.

Approveit is trusted by over 700 companies including:

We're always there to guide you. Our user support is just the best.

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We care

We plant trees

For every 100 requests your team makes we donate to plant a tree

Carbon removal

We donate 1% of our revenue to carbon removal initiative

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