Founding Team

We are a fully distributed team of purpose-driven professionals. We bring our passion to the product that many people love to use
  • Serge gusev
    Serge Gusev
    Co-founder, CEO
  • Dmitry matveev
    Dmitry Matveev
    Co-founder, CTO
  • Img 0837
    Olya Vincheuskaya
  • Anthony Stankovsky
    Anthony Stankovsky
    Front End Developer
  • T01c1ph1m55 u02bflul70v bfa3c150b4cd 512 2
    Kirill Khrestianovskii
    Product Manager

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable companies to save time, money and boost productivity by automating repetitive, mundane tasks. That is why we built a simple, but powerful tool that allows teams to automate lengthy approval processes, which are reported to be the #1 issue slowing down teams’ productivity. 

Our Product

With Approveit, even users who have absolutely no coding experience can create efficient workflow automation from scratch in minutes. Our priority is to give our customers the power to optimize their business processes and make their lives easier by using our product. We believe that workflow automation should be accessible for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our product exists and matters for those who want to build efficient processes across their organization. According to our customers, it speeds up the approvals by 70% and allows saving hours of manual work, which translates into an extra $500k-$2m annually.

Our Company

  • Serge and Dmitry are working closely together since 2019. They were building automation products for various companies, helping to optimize business processes and improve teams' productivity.
  • The idea was born when they were working on a related project for one of their customers. They saw that workflow automation usually requires lots of resources accessible only to large companies. So they decided to launch a simple but advanced platform to enable more companies to enjoy the benefits of digital transformation without having to spend a fortune on complex software.
  • We are a fully distributed team with HQ in Warsaw, Poland.

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