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Once you sign up for Approveit, the app will offer you an interactive auto-onboarding. It will walk you through the most important steps of setting up your first workflow. You can, of course, skip it, and get back to it at any point.

Your team members (non-admins) will be offered a different version of onboarding for requestors.

Approveit is very intuitive and we’re working hard to keep it that way. It takes only 5 minutes to set up your first workflow and about the same time to show your team how to use it.

There are detailed user guides available for the most common situations: how to sign up, how to build your first workflow, how to set up integrations, etc. If you prefer video instructions, here’s a link to our YouTube channel with short how-to videos.

However, If you prefer to talk to a human, our support team will make sure that you successfully implement Approveit into your business processes and make the best use of it. Reach out to us at any point: email us at, or our in-app online support chat.

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