Automate your approval process in minutes right in Slack or Email

Approveit is the easiest way to streamline your team’s expense approvals, document approvals, software release approvals, access requests, and time-offs. Build and manage your approval workflows with templates and integrations.

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Build an approval workflow with Approveit in under 10 minutes

Save time and money by automating your team's approval workflows

IDC reports cost of manually processing a request is $75-100 for paper and labor. Approveit speeds up the approval process by ~70% and saves hours of manual work.

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Implement Approveit in under five minutes

User Approveit's visual workflow builder to create custom approval forms that your teammates can use to make requests

Create your own approval forms, set up approvers and add integrations

Simple visual approval workflow builder with templates and 1000+ no-code integrations

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Respond to the requests right in Slack

Requests organized on the app's Home Tab. Respond to those requests directly from Slack on desktop or mobile

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Audit, sort and export your approval history

Convenient dashboard with your approval history to lookup and export the details on the approved and rejected expenses, documents, software release approvals, access requests, and time-offs.

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Connect software that your team already uses

Jira 3

Jira & Jira Service Desk

Sync the approved access and feature requests, software releases


1000+ No-Code Integrations

HRIS, Task Managers, CRMs, CPQs, ERPs, and more

Powerful APIs and webhooks for unlimited customization

What people say about Approveit

  • A great product! Super focused and easy to use. When we had a compliance requirement to log all permissions requests and approvals I wanted to avoid introducing yet another piece of software. Approveit let us handle everything directly in Slack, which I and the entire company greatly appreciated.
    Andy Chimicles, CPO, Blade
  • The team at Approveit is top-notch and building something really amazing!
    Mark Lerner, Founding Marketer, RevOps
  • This is very cool! I have been waiting for such a product for a long time, thank you to all your team!
    Dmitry Korzhov, CEO, Qulap
  • Love the Slack integration. Great work!
    Glen Creaser, Head of Operations and Marketing, Afino


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    • Up to 100 requests/mo
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