Case study: How Clearview Software built the automated expense approval process and saved hundreds of collective hours with Approveit

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“Having to manually process all the expense requests was a real problem for us, and since our team uses Slack as a workspace, we decided to give Approveit a go. We had rough estimations for how the approval processes should speed up, but real numbers exceed all our expectations. Expense approval request processing has sped up by 80%. By freeing up so many collective hours we save ~ 300K$ annually. I’m genuinely impressed, especially considering that we’ve spent about 15 minutes total to set it up. Recommended!”

Leo Yanchuk, President at Clearview

Problem outline

Clearview Software team was looking for a solution to a quite common issue: expenses approval delays. Manually processing every single small expense approval request was turning into a real headache for them. Each and every one of the expense approval requests was submitted via email, they were getting lost in chains. Sometimes requests got misdirected, and as a result never looked at by the person who was authorized to approve. To crown up, confusion and total mess with expense reimbursements and approval requests was a pain and, frankly, a money pit. They were looking for an optimization solution and that’s how they have found Approveit. 

Steps Clearview Software took to automate their approval workflow with Approveit

1. Starting with a user-friendly workflow builder they’ve set the parameters of the approval workflow. Assigned a name to it (in this case “expense approval”), customized input fields (required and optional).

2. Next they’ve selected approvers from the finance department and the criteria of considering the request “approved” (if everyone has to approve, or just the first one to respond). That way requests don’t get misdirected.

3. Using Zapier (no-code integration app) Cleaview Software has integrated Approveit with QuickBooks (bookkeeping software) in order to automatically create an expense in the books after the request is approved to skip manual moderation.

Click here to watch our video tutorial on how to set it up, all the process takes only about 3 minutes!

When all was set, the approval process started looking something like this: a teammate sends an approval request in Slack  – everyone mentioned in the workflow as an approver gets notified – they approve/reject a request right in Slack – Quickbooks create an expense in case the request gets approved. 


So, Clearview Software did all that in order to simplify and speed up their process of the expense approval. 

Now both remote and on-site parts of the team have an equally convenient way to trigger their requests, and managers have easy access to all of them. The whole approval management system is now transparent, simple, and fast.
Your business can have results just as impressive. Get started with ApproveIt now and allow your team to have enough time to live up to its real potential. Oh, and one more thing: it’s completely FREE to get started. Try Approveit it in action

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