Approveit & Xero: How it works?

How does the integration work?

What does it look like in Xero?

What can be automated?

Complete approval automation for Xero

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Invoice Approval

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Purchase Order Approval

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Bill Approval

Only fully authorized transactions will be registered in Xero

All bills and invoices undergo a sequential approval process before they appear in the "Awaiting payment" section. Only fully approved purchase orders appear in the "Approved" tab. 


Request and approve transactions even without Xero access

Users who have no access to Xero still can use Xero workflows in Approveit, and no sensitive data from your Xero account will be exposed to unauthorized personnel 


Full control over your Xero records

Compliance is Easy

Approval history is always recorded and available for download in .csv or .xlxs making your next audit a breeze. 

No Duplicated Records

Approved transactions get recorded to Xero automatically ensuring your financial records don't get duplicated

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