Approval automation right in Slack

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Seamless Approval Proccess

Create and proccess approval requests right in your Slack workspace. Create workflows for your whole team to use in the day-to-day communication channel

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3 simple steps for seamless approval automation

  • 1

    Sign up to Approveit

    Our user-friendly interface will guide you through the signup proccess and onboarding 

    Sign up to approveit
  • 2

    Create approval workflows

    Go to the Workflow builder in the web-app to set up custom approval proccess. Step by step guide with video tips is available right in the app

    Create approval workflows
  • 3

    Enjoy automated approval proccess

    Now your team can create and approve requests right in Slack

    Enjoy automated approval proccess

After all is set up, it takes only 1 minute to create an approval request!

View attachments right in Slack

Download files attached to approval requests right in Approveit bot in your Slack workspace

View attachments right in slack

We're always there to assist you with setting things up and answering your questions

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Create requests

Create requests

Fill the simple form in Approveit bot right in Slack workspace to submit an approval request

Approve reject comment

Approve, Reject, Comment

Respond to approval requests, add comments, clarify and request more details 

Stay up to date

Stay up-to-date

Get notifications about status changes and follow every step of the approval process live