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Speed up approval request processing by up to 80%! 

5 minutes to set it up is all it takes

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See How Approveit Works

Convenient templates

Multi step approval workflows

Conditional rules

Csv and excel export of the approval history

Dashboard to monitor statistics

Maximize your effectiveness and ensure compliance

  • Maximize your effectiveness and ensure compliance
  • • Create automated approval workflows and manage requests right in Slack or Email

  • • Choose approvers based on your organizational structure to make sure the request always gets to the right person

  • • Integrate Approveit with the software you use to automate post-approval actions

  • • Record and store your approval history and export it in .csv or .xlsx to ensure SOC compliance

Popular Use Cases

Purchase Order approval

Automate recordings to XERO, QuickBooks, and more
Purchase order approval

Bill approval

Transfer approved bills directly to FreshBooks
Bill approval

Access management

Receive unified requests, grant access and export it for compliance
Access managment

Assign tasks to your teammates automatically

In addition to approval steps, you can add tasks to your workflows

For example, once the request was approved, action is required: you can automatically assign a task for this action to a responsible team member

Condition-based approvers

Adjust your workflow depending on the content of the approval request. Apply conditional rules to amount or drop-down fields to add extra approvers, or more approval steps if a certain condition is met

Condition based approvers

Taking time off? Choose someone to take over!

You obviously don't want all the approval processes to stop while you're away. Not to mention, deal with a pile of unprocessed requests upon return.In your profile settings, turn the "On vacation" switch on and choose a teammate who will be processing requests while you're enjoying your time off

Taking time off  choose someone to take over!

 For teams who use Slack 

  • Preview files right in Slack

    If the approval request contains files, just go to "request details" and press "view file(s)"

    The attachments will shortly be sent to you by Approveit bot as personal messages

  • Add Comments

    You can add comments to the approval requests Asking for more information

    Discuss the request or ask for additional details before you make a decision about approving it. You can attach files to the comments, too

E-signed approval confirmation in PDF

Once the request is completed, you can download a PDF file with all the request details and e-signatures of everyone who has approved it.

You can download these e-signed confirmations for one request at a time, or for as many as you need in bulk

Set up access to your workflow with Approveit

Make a workflow visible only to the users you choose. The rest of your team won't see it in their workflow list 

Set up access to your workflow with approveit

Group similar requests and submit them as one using the Line Item feature

  • When creating a workflow, add a field called "Line Item" to your approval form.
  • Add up to 8 columns to your line item (table)
  • You can add columns of 11 different types
  • When filling the form, requestors will be able to add as many lines as they need.
  • Data in the requests are even better structured and visualized! 
Group similar requests and submit them as one using the line item feature

Build custom approval forms for the whole team to use

  • Build custom approval forms for the whole team to use
  • Custom icon
    Customize approval forms for each workflow

  • Mark icon
    Mark the most important fields as required

  • Group 1224
    Add as many fields of different types as you need

  • Set up icon
    Allow attaching files to the request by adding multi-file field

Let your teammates keep track of the approval process

Let your teammates keep track of the approval process Let your teammates keep track of the approval process

Watcher for your request or for the whole workflow

Watchers see everything that happens in the workflow, but don't take a direct part in the approval process. Requestors can set watchers of their own for each request individually, or Admin can set them once for the entire workflow

Smooth integration along the workflow

Integrate with the system you use

Direct integrations

Direct integrations

Set up integration with FreshBooks, Jira, XERO or QuickBooks, following in-app hints
No code integrations

No-Code integrations

Use Zapier to integrate with your HRIS, ERP, P2P, CRM, CPQ and more
Powerful apis for unlimited customization

Powerful APIs for unlimited customization

Easy Onboarding with Detailed User Guides

How to start with Approveit? How to create a workflow or a request? How to set up integrations? We've put the answers to all these and many other questions together in our detailed user guides to make onboarding to Approveit go smoothly

We Have Answered Almost All Your Questions