Approveit Guide: Outbound Approveit API


Outbound API allows you to send approval request data to an external source.


Upon approval, approval request data is recorded as a row in GoogleSheets

How to set up:

1. Create workflow. In the Form Section choose custom type 

2. Click on the Post-approval action and in the drop-down menu select ‘API’

3. Insert your Endpoint .

4. Choose the data that you want to receive.

5. Click ‘Update’ 

6. Upon the request approval (after the new request is created and approved) you will receive the data in the JSON format

Example: data extracted from the approved request in the JSON format 


    "Text (Single line)": "Laptop",

    "TextText (Multiline)": "for project",

    "Amount": "2000.99",

    "Number": 43,

Files are received as links: 

"File": "",

    "Multiple Files": [





    "Date": "2023-01-27",

    "Dropdown": "2",

    "Multiselect": [






    "Vendor": {

        "suplier_name": "Apple",

        "bank_account_name": "The Bank ABC",

        "bank_account_number": "BIC454213 3123 43424342"



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