Approveit Guide: Microsoft Teams Integration

Here’s a short video about how Approveit & Microsoft Teams work together

Step 1. Go to the Approveit signup page.

NOTE: You must have an active MS Teams account and MS Teams app installed. The email you use to sign up for Approveit must be identical to your MS Teams account email.

Step 2. You have two options for signing up.

Option 1: Click Sign up with Microsoft

Option 2: Fill in your details and click Sign up

Confirm your email address by following the link in the email we’ve sent you

Step 3. Answer a few questions for AI to generate your approval form 

Step 4. Click Connect to MS Teams button

Step 5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen

Now, you need to create a workflow in Approveit where MS Teams is chosen as a communication channel

Step 6. Sync your users from MS Teams with Approveit

Go to the Org Structure & Team tab and press “Add new team member”

In the window that appears before you, switch to “Add multiple team members” tab and choose to import users from Microsoft

Now, all your Microsoft Team users should appear in the Org Structure & Team tab.

Step 7. Configure your workflow

Go to Automation -> Workflows -> Create new workflow

Choose Microsoft Teams to be the default communications channel for this workflow

Choose your approval form template and configure your approval form.

Step 8. Pick approvers from the dropdown list. Choose MS Teams as a communication channel for each approver 

Click Next to save your workflow

All the following steps will take place in MS teams

To create a request, click New approval request and you will be redirected to the web application (currently requests can not be created via MS Teams)

Choose the workflow you’ve created from the dropdown list, and click next to proceed to the approval form. 

Upon request submission, you will see a message in MS Teams

If you are set as an approver in the workflow – you will receive a message when your approval is required 

If you click View Request Details you will be redirected to the page where you can review the request and Approve/Reject/Request an update 

You can also view the approval request history and filter by status or workflow

Admins can view all the requests, while members (requestors/approvers) can view only the requests that  involve them


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