Approval automation right in Slack

Review new vendors, manage invoices and control spend without leaving your Slack workspace

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Create a seamless approval experience for your team

Integrate Approveit with Slack to take your vendor and invoice management to the new level.

Keep everyone in the loop

Notify all your stakeholders when they are required to make a decision, keep requestors up to date about the state of their request and make sure no approval request falls through the cracks.

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Let your team work right in Slack

Approval workflows are available to you right in Slack. Request approval for your new vendor contract or an invoice without leaving Slack workspace. Approveit notifies the right people automatically.

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Nothing goes missing

All the comments, approvals, rejections and updates you make in Slack are permanently stored in the approval history, providing you with easy access to the decision-making process.

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Create approval requests right in Slack

Why brign Approveit into your Slack workflows?


Handle all your approvals without leaving your Slack workspace, and at the same time get a solid audit trail for all the business decisions.


Downloadable reports will show you all the details you want to know about every transaction. Audits become easy and stressless contracts within minutes.


Your accountants no longer need to manually copy-paste data from an email to Slack for approval. Data gets submitted right in Slack. Everything happens automatically, leaving no space for human errors.

Leveraged by the best

Slack integration is revolutionizing approval management.


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