Approveit integrates with Microsoft TEAMS

Take your contract and invoice management out of email and enable seamless communication for your team.

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Handle invoice and vendor approvals right in Microsoft Teams

Keep everyone in the loop and modernize your approach to contract and invoice management to create comlete transparency in your procurement and finance

Stay in touch with your processes

Approve and reject requests right from Microsoft Teams, review request details and add comments to let your teammates know your thoughts

Always have the bigger picture

See all requests, check ones pending your actions, view and download file attachments and look into comments to pinpoint the bottlenecks and modernize your workflows

Nothing goes missing

Every action with requests you and your teammates take in Microsoft Teams get logged and stored in the unchangable approval history permanently. You’d always be able to track thing back

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Combine your sales and document workflows for ultimate efficiency


Handle all your approvals without leaving your Microsoft Teams workspace, and at the same time get a solid audit trail for all the business decisions.


Downloadable reports will show you all the details you want to know about every transaction. Audits become easy and stressless contracts within minutes.


Your accountants no longer need to manually copy-paste data from an email to messengers for approval. Data gets submitted right to Microsoft Teams. Everything happens automatically, leaving no space for human errors.

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