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Name: EasyGo

Website: https://easygo.io/

Easygo is a software development company focused on building innovative and scalable solutions for both online and physical gaming industry. 

Here’s what they say about themselves: 

EasyGo’s mission is to contribute to online gaming becoming more fair and transparent while at the same time keeping it exciting and fun.

Founded in 2016, the company’s headcount has already reached over 250 people and it keeps steadily growing. 

Case description 

Easygo works with hundreds of external vendors and was looking to bring order into accounts payable. 

The amounts they pay to subcontractors are high enough to justify the company’s concerns: 

They don’t want to be in a situation where they pay some external invoice without approval and it turns out to be a scam, or simply the wrong amount or account; besides, in companies like EasyGo that deal with a lot of vendors, the cases of rogue spend are not unheard of. 

They also use cryptocurrency for payments and it’s essential to thoroughly check the payment details before transfer since with crypto it’s very easy to send money to the wrong wallet. 

The process before Approveit

This is, of course, a huge simplification, since the details of the process are confidential. However, we can describe the general flow. 

Before paying a bill from any vendor, it has to go through the approval chain.

Here are the stages of the process:

  • Vendor pre-approval

This stage fires only if a requestor has chosen a vendor the company hasn’t worked before

  • Bank details verification 

This stage is meant to make sure the vendor’s bank details are entered correctly in the bill

  • Bill approval

Bill gets sent for approval through different approver sequences, depending on the amount, category, or department

  • Sync with SoftLedger or Xero

Approved bills get copied to one of the accounting systems, and from there proceed to payment. 

The whole process was manual, so the amount of repetitive work involved was colossal. One would have to message several people to get the invoice through, engaging in discussions in DMs and uncontrollable email chains. 

Easygo is a holding, so it’s essential to not only pay the right vendor the right amount but also to send the money from the right bank account of the right entity, so that also gets vеrified. 

To approve a bill, it took about 7 days. 

And as in any manual process, there were risks of human errors that could lead to substantial financial losses. 

There obviously were compliance, transparency, and accountability issues in that approach.

Client’s request

Easygo was looking to bring order into accounts payable and vendor management: 

  • Automated vendor management
  • New vendor onboarding
  • Transparency in payments
  • Compliance with internal and external safety protocols
  • Failsafe method of bill and invoice processing 

We have created a solution to make Easygo’s external payments more transparent, safe and simple. 

What we automated (summary) 

  • Fully automated vendor management: Approveit determines if the vendor requestor chose has to go through the vendor approval stage. 

If the vendor is already in the system, but the request contains new bank details, the bank details approval sequence gets triggered. 

  • The approvers list for each bill is determined automatically depending on the bill details. Approval sequence gets triggered automatically, step by step.
  • Upon approval, all bills get automatically transferred to the appropriate accounting software (SoftLedger or Xero) by direct integration, ready to be paid.

As a result

The risk of paying an incorrect invoice has been brought down to basically zero. 

Bill approval takes 4 work days. Even though the invoice volume has grown, the approval time was reduced. 

With our new functionality, we are on track to reduce it even more.

For the requestor, it’s as easy as filling in predefined fields in the form and clicking “Submit”.

Accountants don’t have to run after requestors to get relevant payment information and manually enter it into the accounting software – everything happens automatically.

CFO can focus on scaling the business instead of repeatedly resolving incorrect payment consequences. 

All invoices can be audited at any point with the approval history attached. 

Rogue spend is no longer a concern. 

Full transparency in accounts payable. 

A simpler, quicker, better process has been built. All goals were accomplished.

We’re very grateful to EasyGo team who kindly allowed us to share this information and provided us with a five-star review on Capterra

Our team is looking forward to helping you automate your business processes. All you need is to book a call with us, and we can discuss your needs and provide you with the best solution we can.

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