Approveit Guide: Outbound Zapier Integration

1. Create a workflow in Approveit. In the Form Section choose Custom form type. Activate post-approval actions and choose an app where you want your data to be recorded upon approval. If you can not find your app in the list choose Zapier 

2. Create Zap

3. In the first step choose Approveit 

4. Sign in

Follow the link, log in Approveit account (if you are not logged in) and you will see the API key

Copy the link and paste it to Zapier 

5. Insert Workflow Key 

Workflow Key can be found in the Workflows section: 

6. Test trigger 

Press Continue

7. Add filter 

8. Specify that you want data to be recorded only when a request is approved

9. Choose an app where you want your approval request data to be recorded upon approval 

10. Select the data that you want to be recorded upon request approval 

11. Test action

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