Approveit Guide: Conditional rules

You can make certain steps get triggered ONLY IF a certain condition is met. You can base them on the amount field, dropdown field options, or BOTH. 

In case you prefer video format, here’s the link to a step-by-step video tutorial on conditions. 

1.In the Approvers section you can set the condition for each step:

2. Turn the conditions on and specify them. The step will be executed only if both conditions are met:

3. The default step is executed only if NONE of the conditions set up on previous steps are met. Setting up a default step is necessary for your workflow to always work correctly:

4. If you turn off the conditions altogether, then the step will be executed in all cases (conditional logic will not be applied):

In case you need a condition to trigger a sequence of steps, you need to:

1. Add the first step with the condition

2. Add the second step and copy the condition from the first one to it: 

You can create as many sequential steps as you need, just copy the condition from the same step to all of them. 

All steps with conditions will be marked with a dotted outline in the workflow visualization on the left: 

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