Approveit Guide: Email triggered request

How it works:

You create your own Approveit email address. Emails sent to that address will be automatically turned into approval requests.

How to set it up:

Create the new Workflow

  •  In the FORM Section select ‘Email’

  •  Once you’ve completed editing the Approvers section, you will see the email address to which you can send emails that will be automatically turned into requests (the address will be generated for you by Approveit): 

All set! Now, emails sent to the Approveit email address will be automatically turned into approval requests and directed to the approvers you specified in the Approvers section of this workflow. 

If you’ve chosen Slack to be the communication channel for this workflow, the email-triggered request will look like this:

Note, that if the email contained file attachments, they would also be enclosed in the approval request.

In the Mailbox Tab on the Left SideBar, the admin can see all the incoming emails and the id of the corresponding approval requests. That way he can check whether or not the request has been initiated. 

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