Meet the Approval Workflow Builder for Teams that Love Slack

Build your custom approval workflows and automate the post-approval actions

Create your custom approval workflows in Slack with a simple yet powerful visual builder:

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    Create your own approval forms

    Create your own approval forms allowing your teammates to enter all the necessary information when they are submitting their requests.
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    Assign approvers and watchers. Add rules to count the requests “approved"

    Assign approvers and watchers to each approval workflow. Add rules for the requests to become “approved"
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    Add 500+ no-code integrations

    Easily add no-code integrations with existing vendors to automate the post-approval actions such as creating a task for the IT department, uploading data to CRM or Bookkeeping Software
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    Trigger the workflows and respond to the requests right from your Slack Workspace

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Integrates with the systems your team already uses

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Jira & Jira Service Desk

Sync the approved access and feature requests, software releases

100+ No-Code Integrations

HRIS, Task Managers, CRMs, CPQs, ERPs, and more
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Powerful APIs and webhooks for unlimited customization

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