Approveit x QuickBooks

Simplify your Purchase Order approval process and automate
post-approval actions using direct integration

Automate your Purchase Order approval and recording with simple QuickBooks integration

Creating PO approval requests gets simpler: the lists of vendors, categories, and taxes from QuickBooks are available right in Approveit. 

Approving Purchase Orders is possible right in Slack or Email.

Purchase orders created in Approveit get automatically transferred to QuickBooks.

  • No manual copying

    Purchase Orders get created automatically in QuickBooks

  • Standardized forms

    With pre-set request forms in Approveit no information will be missing from QuickBooks

  • Files synchronization

    You can attach files (e.g. invoices) to your approval requests and they will be copied to QuickBooks automatically

  • Confidence in approval

    You are 100% sure all your POs recorded in QuickBooks are fully approved and the approval history is stored

3 simple steps

 .. and Approveit will automate your PO approval routine



Easy-to-use WORKFLOWS

Streamline approvals, control spend and assure compliance