Automated Purchase Order approvals

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Create and approve purchase orders without logging in to your accounting software

Restricted all your Purchase Order related communications to one channel

Po com channel

Request and approve transactions even without Xero or QuickBooks access

Users who have no access to Xero or QuickBooks still can efficiently use Purchase Order approval workflows in Approveit, and no sensitive data from your accounting software will be exposed to unauthorized personnel  

W_o access

Your PO approval will always be sent to the right person

Depending on the details of your purchase order, it can be sent to different approvers thanks to conditional rules. 

The request will always be recieved by the right approver, saving you time and making purchase orders get registered quicker

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Discover how Approveit helps to automate Purchase Order approvals

Any process requires unified structure, simplicity and automation to run smoothly, and purchase order approval is no exception. Financial departments sometimes lose days on putting an order together, especially if there is no established process. But there’s a way around it, so read this article to learn more. 

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Discover the best way to automate Purchase Order approvals

With these guides, setting up a purchase order approval workflow will only take 5 minutes!