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Purchase Order approvals

✓ Streamline approvals right in Slack or Email.

✓ Integrate with XERO or QuickBooks to automate manual tasks.

✓ Suitable for budget holders, finance and procurement.

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"Your new app is great! I've been looking for something like this. You can really integrate with Slack, which makes small tasks easy to handle and monitor in one place - not multiple apps or emails chains."

Samar Ali, Developer at linkmngr

"We're heavily regulated and use Approveit to ensure that all of our advertising and external comms receive the proper sign-off. Approveit is super critical to our workflow and even brings the tech-repelled along for the ride."

Ollie Shaw, Co-founder at jasper

Automate routine tasks and save your time

No need to manually collect approvals across other departments. Build your workflow in Approveit: use templates, set rules and approvers. Automate approval flow to minimize additional information requests and rejections so that you could focus on strategic projects


Approve POs right in Slack or Email

Easy to log in and access anytime. Get standardized approval requests via Slack or Email before the requestor has signed with a vendor, so that you could control your spending. 


Automatic recording in your ERP or P2P

Direct integration with XERO, QuickBooks, and other apps helps to avoid mistakes and retyping. Once the purchase order is approved it gets automatically recorded with approval history attached.


Set up integration with Approveit for automated PO recordings

How it works?

Quick onboarding

Seamless integration

Templates you already know

Easy-to-use workflows

Streamline approvals, control spend and assure compliance

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Discover how Approveit helps to automate Purchase Order approvals

Any process requires unified structure, simplicity and automation to run smoothly, and purchase order approval is no exception. Financial departments sometimes lose days on putting an order together, especially if there is no established process. But there’s a way around it, so read this article to learn more.