Approveit × JIRA

Build approval workflows that create Jira tickets for you .

Use Cases

Change management

Make sure that all adjustments are seamless for you! Any change is approved beforehand so that you know exactly what’s happening inside your product
Change management

Release management

Approve your releases beforehand to make sure that only approved versions are in production
Release managment

Access management

Keep track of all access rights, automatically record access approval history and make sure each access is authorized
Access managment

Approveit Connects to Jira Directly

Integrating Approveit with Jira is fast & easy. You can do it in two minutes. No code.

Automatically create Jira tickets

  • No manual copying

    Ticket automatically appears in Jira the minute a request is approved

  • Multiple applications

    You can integrate Jira at any point, independantly of your use case

  • Save on your Jira licence

    Jira ticket will be created automatically upon approval even if the approver doesn't have Jira access, so no need to add extra Jira users

  • Confidence in approval

    You are 100% sure that all your Jira tickets have been through the approval stage and are ready to work on

  • jira
  • • Integrate Jira with any type of approval workflow

  • • Build fully automated approval workflow that results in creating a Jira ticket

  • • Download a full history of creating tickets in .csv or .xlsx at any point

Streamline approvals, control tasks, and assure compliance