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  1. In the Workflows section you need to create two workflows: one for purchase order approval, one for bill/invoice approval 

1.1 For the purchase order workflow:

Choose Purchase Order template

1.2 For the bill approval workflow:

Choose the Bill Approval template

2. Create a pipeline 

3. Name the pipeline and click here to specify the first stage 

Select the Purchase Order Approval workflow that you have created in 1.1

Click ‘Save’

4. Click the ‘Plus’ sign to add the second stage (the Bill Approval workflow)

Select the Bill Approval workflow that you have created in 1.2

Click  ‘Add field’s data transfer’ and set up the data transfer (in other words, specify the fields in the purchase order approval request that will be automatically copied to the bill approval request. The data can still be changed by a requestor when creating the bill approval request) 

Click ‘Save’

5. To launch the pipeline you can click the ‘Play’ button

Or in the Approval Requests Section click ‘New approval request’ and select the needed pipeline

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Anthony Zharsky
Anthony Zharsky

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