Guide: XERO Invoices & Approveit

updated on 06 March 2023

Setting up the XERO In workflow: 

1. To add a new XERO account:

Settings ➠ Integration ➠ XERO ➠ New connection

Group 2103-k97jc

To add a new XERO organization within one account: Settings -> Integrations -> XERO -> Add organization

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2. Create new workflow ➠ Invoice Approval


Form Section  XERO Invoice


3. In Approvers section can switch on conditional rules (set additional approvers if the Invoice amount is above the specified threshold)


XERO Invoice integration: (step-by-step process)

When a new request is created a requestor has to choose the XERO account and organization


When creating the Invoice Approval Request all the accounting data will come from your XERO account. 

If you need to add a supplier or product/service, you should do that in your XERO account. Categories and taxes are also set up in XERO


Once a requestor sends the request for approval (‘SUBMIT’ button), the Invoice will appear in your XERO account with the status ‘AWAITING APPROVAL’ 

4. If the Invoice Approval Request is approved, the Invoice will go from ‘AWAITING APPROVAL’ section to ‘Awaiting Payment’ section in your XERO account. 

If the Invoice Approval Request request is rejected, the Invoice will be deleted from the ‘AWAITING APPROVAL’ section in your XERO account. 

In request details you can also see the link to the Invoice in XERO 


If you have any additional questions, contact us right away. If you are new to Approveit, try it now for free!

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