Approveit Guide: Sign Up

updated on 17 June 2022

To sign up via Slack

1. Add Approveit app to your workspace: More (or Brows Slack) → Apps

Group 971-ko84m

2. Search for the Approveit App in the catalog:

6 (1)-lvr4e

3. Go to Approveit App. 

All is set up! You are ready to submit and approve requests!

Group 973-95hfk

To sign up via email invitation

1. Open the email with the topic ‘Invite to join Approveit’ in your email inbox and click the ‘JOIN’ button:


2. Choose the easiest way to sign up: Slack / Microsoft or using email: 

Group 838-ihmze

3. You have successfully joined the team as a ‘REQUESTOR’. If you need to view/edit your account info, go to ‘SETTINGS’ in the Left Sidebar:

Group 840-ybdry

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