Approveit Guide: QuickBooks Integration

updated on 20 October 2022

To set up QuickBooks integration:

  1. To connect / disconnect your QuickBooks account or to change the account you are using:

Settings -> Integration -> QuickBooks -> Connect


2. To set up the workflow of approving the PO and synchronizing with QuickBooks:

Workflows -> Financial -> Purchase Order  ->Form -> Integrate with QuickBooks

Once you have connected the QuickBooks account, Approveit is automatically synchronized with the QuickBooks


3. When filling the PO, your suppliers, products / services, customers and accounts are automatically loaded from your QuickBooks account

If you need to add a supplier, product/service, or a customer you should do that in your QuickBooks account.

For admins: Make sure that all info on the product/service (it’s non-inventory, expense category is chosen, and ‘I purchase this product/service from a supplier’ is ticked)  is filled in QuickBooks.

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4. When the PO is approved, the PO will appear in your QuickBooks account

Approval via web app:


Approval via Slack:


Approval via email:


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