Approveit guide: Organizational structure

updated on 17 June 2022

To set up organizational structure:

1. Left sidebar ➠ Organizational structure


2.  You can import the organizational structure to Approveit.

💡  To do this you need to generate a .csv file first.
💡  Please, keep the names of the columns identical to this example (the order of the columns does not matter):

Снимок экрана 2022-04-28 в 12.41.49-oxjgm

3. You can create your organizational structure right in Approveit. 

💡  Just start typing a department / location / job title to create a new category.
💡  Job title is available for selection when department or location is already chosen:

copy IMG_20220425_224730_196-k5rrp

4.  When you are done with filling all the fields in one row,  click ‘SAVE’:

copy IMG_20220425_224731_580-7ymyr

To set approvers from the organizational structure for the workflow: 

1. First thing you have to select a department from the dropdown. Then select a job title from the dropdown list (you will see only the job titles that match the chosen department). 

approvers by org_structure 1 (1)-is0gq

2. You can leave the job title empty. In this case, all employees inside the chosen department will be selected automatically.

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