Approveit guide: Jira integration

updated on 20 October 2022
  1. To connect / disconnect your JIRA account or to change the account you are using:

Settings -> Integration -> JIRA -> Connect -> Enter the required data


2. To set up a workflow with JIRA integration:

Left Sidebar -> Workflows -> Create new workflow -> IT ->Access Approval -> Post-approval action  -> Integrate with Jira


3. Fill out all the Workflow, Form, and Approvers sections. In the Post-approval action integration choose the Project and the issue type in Jira that you want to be created upon the request approval 


4. Once the approval gets approved, the chosen Jira issue type is created 

Approval via Slack

screen_4 (1)-v6fev

Approval via email

screen_5 (1)-qx9bw

Approval via Approveit web app


Ticket created in Jira upon approval

screen_7 (1)-vgnwm

5. You can always download .CSV file with the approval history for your next compliance audit 

Left Sidebar -> Approval Requests -> Export


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