Approveit guide: Jira integration

updated on 17 June 2022
  1. To connect / disconnect your JIRA account or to change the account you are using:

Settings -> Integration -> JIRA -> Connect -> Enter the required data

screen_1 (3)-z11jl

2. To set up a workflow with JIRA integration:

Left Sidebar -> Workflows -> Create new workflow -> IT ->Access Management  -> Integrate with Jira


3. Fill out all the Workflow, Data Source, and Approvers sections. In the Post-Approval integration choose the Project and the issue type in Jira that you want to be created upon the request approval 

screen_3 (1)-xn4ut

4. Once the approval gets approved, the chosen Jira issue type is created 

Approval via Slack

screen_4 (1)-v6fev

Approval via email

screen_5 (1)-qx9bw

Approval via Approveit web app

screen_6 (1)-3yy52

Ticket created in Jira upon approval

screen_7 (1)-vgnwm

5. You can always download .CSV file with the approval history for your next compliance audit 

Left Sidebar -> Approval Requests -> Export


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