Automated approval workflows: even better now

updated on 07 April 2022

In every business, no matter how much you love it, there are things that do not make your eyes radiate rapture. For instance, sailing on your one-person boat around the globe is adventurous and meditative, but eating canned tuna for a month does not sound very appealing… Same applies to many aspects of corporate work. Luckily, ever since the industrial revolution we know one proven way to free ourselves from the annoying routine processes - automation. Automating certain workflows is the best way to save human hours, money and a couple thousands of your own nerve cells. That’s what we do here in Approveit!

Our product takes one very special place in your toolset: it allows you to automate approval workflows. Expense reimbursements, time-offs, access requests can become a total nightmare (in this article we’ve described it quite vividly) and Approveit brings all the fuss down to filling in a couple input fields in the preset form and clicking a button. Neat, huh?

We’re proud to say that our team is continuously working on improving our product and we use your feedback and suggestions as a baseline for our growth. In this article we’re going to be sharing some of the latest results of our work and we hope they will have your warm welcome!

If you’ve just found our product and are not quite familiar with it, please, turn to this article. It goes through the steps of setting things up and shares the results you can achieve with Approveit.

What’s new? 

Conditional rules

That convenient feature helps you take the load off the shoulders of your employees that they do not need to carry. Best explained by an example.

Your accountant is supposed to approve every single expense that your employees can make. Let's assume your company compensates the public transport tickets for your employees to get to work and back. And now imagine you have 50 of them. Every day. Your poor accountant would have to be approving non-stop. But with the Conditional Rules feature you can set the expenses below a certain amount to get approved automatically.

Moreover, you can set the amount of approvers required to let through the expenses above a certain figure.


This way your accountant is not occupying themselves with unnecessary work, your financial director controls all the expenses that influence your company's P&L and your employees get their tickets reimbursements without any delays. Everyone wins.

Direct integrations

Integrations are used to automate post-approval processes. For example, creating tickets in Jira or expenses in QuickBooks automatically after a certain request has been approved. That way you save time and make sure that nothing gets lost in the approval workflow. You might forget creating a Jira ticket, but Approveit won’t.

Currently you could do integrations with the help of Zapier (it works great for over 300 apps you can integrate) and very soon Approveit will be connected directly to QuickBooks, FreshBooks and XERO! To learn more about how integrations work, please, visit this page.

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By the way, if the integration you need has not been yet added and is not possible with the help of Zapier, you can request API access to build custom integrations together with our team. We’ll help you make it happen, all you need is ask. 

Automatic reminders

Let us get back to our accountant. We have already freed a couple hours of his time by automatically approving minor requests and creating tickets in accounting software. But they still have tons of unreviewed approval requests. And that’s in addition to quarterly report, P&L audit, tax report, contract payouts, bills… I think no one would disagree if I say that the chances of the approval request being overlooked and forgotten are pretty high. Normally, the one who made the request would have to manually remind our accountant about it. But no more. You can set automatic reminders now!

Customize the frequency of the reminders and you are free to forget about it yourself while Approveit will make sure your request does not fall into the oblivion. If your request is urgent, you can set the reminder to be daily (for example, getting plane tickets for your business trip next Monday). But if you can wait no problem a weekly reminder would be enough (like your time off you intend to take in August, but decided to book it in January just in case).


Of course, you’d have to warn your colleagues to be mindful and reasonable about these reminders and outline the order of priorities. For example, the bill that has not been paid when it was due is urgent, and soap in the restroom can wait a little.

What else is new? 

And that’s still not it!

  • Green initiative just inside our platform: Approveit donates to plant 1 tree for every 100 approvals. You could see your progress in planting on our dashboard and also get interactive reports on how many trees your team planted each month! Read here how to plant trees together with Approveit.
  • Approveit is now also available for you as a Web App! That’s in case you’d prefer to have it separately from your email or Slack. You can now use Approveit independently from any other software. Anything for your convenience!
  • Do not forget that approval workflows automation with Approveit is available directly in your email! In case you’ve missed this update, please, click here to read about it in more detail.
  • We have made our workflow builder and dashboard even more intuitive and functional! Filtering, creating and monitoring approval requests has never been easier. Click here to read more about our new dashboard and workflow builder!

We hope you’ll find our updates very useful. Few will disagree with the fact that building automated approval workflows is extremely important: it saves your employees’ time and lets them do the job you’ve actually hired them for. Not to mention that it eliminates the extra stress that dull waiting gives people. Approveit lets you do it efficiently and quickly. And it’s very affordable, too!

If you have any requests or suggestions for us to make Approveit even better and more functional, contact us right away.

If you are new to Approveit, get started for free! 

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