Approveit guide: integration with XERO

updated on 25 May 2022

This guide will help you connect Approveit to XERO. This seamless integration, in turn, will automate your daily tasks such as Purchase Order approval and recording. 

For admins: How to set the workflow up? 

1. To connect your XERO account or to change the account you are using:

Settings ➠ Integration ➠ XERO ➠ Connect ➠ Log in to your XERO account


2.  To set up a Purchase Order approval workflow synchronized with XERO:

Workflows ➠ Purchase Order approval ➠ XERO 

💡 Once you have connected the XERO account, Approveit automatically synchronizes with XERO (no need to log in to XERO again).

3. You can apply conditional rules, e.g. set additional approvers if the Purchase Order amount is smaller or greater than a specified value. You can base your conditions on Subtotal (net) or Total (gross) amount of your Purchase Order:

Screenshot 2022-04-15 at 15.45.38-r1s12

4.  While filling in the PO form you can choose suppliers, products, and services that are automatically loaded from your XERO account. Tax rates are linked to the products, services, or categories just like in your XERO settings.

💡 If you want to add a new supplier, product, or service, you can do it only in XERO. Categories and taxes are also set up in XERO.


Once user sends the request for approval, the PO will appear in your XERO account with the AWAITING FOR APPROVAL status.  

5.  When the PO is fully approved, it will automatically move from the AWAITING FOR APPROVAL section to the APPROVED section in your XERO account. 

💡  You will find a XERO link to this PO in the request details:


If the PO request is rejected, it will move from the AWAITING FOR APPROVAL section to the DELETED status in your XERO account. 

For users:  How to create a request?

1. To create a Purchase Order approval request:

Approval Requests ➠ New approval request ➠ Choose Xero workflow from the dropdown list 

2. While filling in the PO form, you need to select a supplier, a product/service, choose an accounting category, and set a tax rate. All the available data comes directly from XERO. 

💡  If you need to add a new supplier, product, category, or tax rate, you need to ask the admin of the XERO account to add it to XERO. 


3. Approve and reject Purchase Orders directly in Slack or Email:

Screenshot 2022-04-15 at 15.52.53-60zas

If you have any additional questions, contact us right away. If you are new to Approveit, try it now for free!

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