Approveit guide: How to Create a Workflow?

updated on 17 June 2022

To Create a Workflow:

1. Left sidebar ➠ Workflows ➠ Create new workflow

2. Now you have to choose one of the templates for customization:

3. Fill in the 'Workflow' section:

  • Workflow name: e.g. Finance Folder Access Approval.
  • Choose categories from the dropdown list or just type in the categories that you want to add. Categories will help you filter your workflows later.  
  • Select communication channel: depending on whether you want your team members to receive approval requests / updates on requests in Email or Slack.
WORKFLOW 2 -ujjgi

4. Fill in the 'Data source' section:

  • You can add as many fields as you want for your team members to fill in when they are creating the workflow.
  • To add a new field, just click the ‘Add Field’ button. 
  • You can make the fields optional or required for your team members to fill in. Just tick the box for each field.
  • You have to name the fields (your team members will see this field name when they are creating the approval request)
WORKFLOW 3 -gq4op
  • You can click the 'Preview' button and see how your team members will see the approval request form.
WORKFLOW 31-2gv5j

💡  Let's find the difference between the field types:

  • Text (Single line) vs Text (Multiline)

Select 'Text (Single line)', if you want to receive a short comment / reason / etc. Select 'Text (Multiline)', if you expect detailed comments / notes from your teammates.

  • Amount vs Number

For 'Amount' field any number is allowed, for 'Number' field only integers are allowed.

  • File vs Multiple Files 

'File' field allows only one file to be attached. 'Multiple File' field allows  multiple files to be added.

  • Dropdown vs Date

The user creating the approval request will have to choose one of the options in the dropdown. To add these options to the dropdown just start typing in the 'Options' field.


For the 'Date' field, the requestor will choose the date from the calendar.

  • Watchers / CC

You can add the 'Watchers / CC' field so that your team members can set colleagues who will be notified when the request is approved.

Снимок экрана 2022-04-28 в 16.41.08-q27j4

5. Fill in the 'Approvers' section:

You can set REMINDER to make sure that your team members get the request approved on time! You need to choose the time for approvers to get notified every day:


You can choose approvers using org structure or by typing in the name of the user (switch the button to change options) - a separate guide on org structure available 


You can create a multi-step approval workflow. To do so, you have to add more approval steps by clicking ‘ADD APPROVAL STEP’. 


You can switch on CONDITIONS. This option is useful if you want to add additional approvers if a specific condition is met

You can work with conditions only if you have chosen the AMOUNT field in the DATA section

Choose the field on which you will base your condition (for example, if the AMOUNT is greater than $10 000, I want to add the head of finance as an additional approver).


Then specify your approval workflow for the case when the condition is being met:


If the condition is not being met (in our example, if the AMOUNT is less than $10 000), then the workflow will follow the DEFAULT route:


6. You can set the Post-Approval integrations using the API key

Activate the Post-Approval Integration by clicking on the button (it will turn green when you click):


Choose the app you want to integrate with when the request gets approved: 


Now you can see the API key and all the instructions on how you can  complete the integration set-up:


To Edit a Workflow: 

💡 You can edit the workflow anytime by going to the 'Workflow' section and clicking on a workflow that needs editing.

If you have any additional questions, contact us right away.

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